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Branding and Identity – CV Design

A CV has to grab an employers attention. How a CV is formatted can make all the difference, you don’t want a CV to be too complicated either as employers may only take a few minutes to skim over it, so it’s important to be concise when writing a CV. Try to let an employer know as much about you as possible without writing an complete essay on yourself. Focus on highlighting key skills you want an employer to know about, these can be tailored depending on the job role you are going for.

When applying for job roles in the creative industry it’s a must that a CV be outstanding as it says a lot about the person who put it together if they have spent that little extra time on the design of their CV.

I wanted my CV to showcase my key qualities while staying simple and in a readable format. During research I found some interesting examples that varied from being subtle and well formatted to unique and attention grabbing.

resume researchCv inspiration 2 cv research 3

This gave me lots of inspiration for my own design.

I wanted to keep things relatively simple and go for a clean looking, functional CV.

I drafted a few quick sketches of ideas.

[insert photo]

I took these rough drafts and developed the concept further in Illustrator.


The focus with the design was to keep everything to one page that quickly highlighted key points. I used a simplistic and evenly spaced type as I didn’t feel the need for the CV to appear gimmicky. I tried to split the CV into three main bodies of text; a brief introduction and my contact info, an overview of my skills and characteristics and lastly some more personal information about me. Using a colour scheme on heavy and light bodies of type for easier legibility.

Overall I was really happy with the end result, it said everything I wanted it to say while staying straight forward and without gimmicks!