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Business Card Design

A business card doesn’t need to be over the top.

I found loads of great examples of creative business cards during my research. The majority of the examples I found kept their designs simple.

It’s important to make sure that the business card has a range of contact information on as potential employers/clients may have a preferred method of contact.

I wanted the business card to have the same functional simplistic design as my CV; no gimmicks just the information needed.

I produced some designs for the front and back in Illustrator.

The back of the business card has my contact information on, the logo is bold and at the front as I wanted it to be the first thing that people saw, feeling that this would help my card stand out among others which bombard with information.


Branding and Identity – Final Logo Concept

After receiving feedback on a range of logo’s, I had a strong idea of what worked well and what didn’t when it came to shapes, styles and fonts etc.

So with this in mind I took a few of the stronger concepts and developed them further, refining them in illustrator.

logo 6 vector

This design was all about using simple shapes to create a flat logo in a similar style to Apple’s. I wanted the design to line up neatly but this meant that the overall shape began to look less and less how a blimp should. I thought that the jagged edges made the logo look a little too squared and there were problems getting the shape I wanted.

text small

I was much happier with this iteration, the letters are spaced nice and evenly and are clearly visible. The overall shape has a much nicer roundness too it. The logo’s text was made by cutting the shapes out of the blimp so this logo will have a nice look when overlaid on film or images.

text small vector