Branding – Idea Development

Logo - Circles

This is a basic version of my idea, I’m trying to keep it simple overall, so flat shapes that are easily visible.

The font needs changing as this one looks too much like the default.

Logo circles 2
Larger, bolder font altered the size of the letter “L” added the INC. symbol at the end. The colour used in this should translate well to grey scale.

This font works better, I also made adjustments to the size of the circle the letter “L” sits in and added an extra circle with the INC. symbol in it.


Branding – Idea Development

So the brand name I came up with is “Anomaly”. I decided I’d like to go with a typography logo that uses the letters to represent the meaning behind the word, by having one of them stand out. The single letter standing out representing the brands message; that they are a cut above anyone else. I started to draft up some ideas following this:   logo draft 2 logo draftlogo draft - font I further refined my ideas; making them larger and trying to neaten them up a bit.   logo development logo development 2

mockups 3

  The next stage is for these to be edited digitally and further refined giving me a better idea of the final product. I need to think about the typeface I am going to use.

Branding: Idea Generation

Coming up with the right name for a brand is important. A brands name is the first thing people will say when they imagine that brand and what it does.

A strong brand name would be simple, easy to remember and a cut above the rest.

  • Nike
  • Pepsi
  • Apple

These are strong brand names.

To come up with a name for my brand I took a word I found interesting and began writing down other things that word made me think of. I found this to be a really effective way of evolving an idea.

I chose the word “Logic”, the word had been floating around my head and the associations that came with it interested me.

I drew a brainstorm on the word.

Idea Generation - bold

I took away some keywords from this brainstorm; words that stood out to me.

These were:

  • Repetition
  • Order
  • Uniform
  • Rigidity
  • Geometric
  • Cubes
  • Mazes

It was interesting to me that a lot of these words linked around the idea of  structure and uniform, which made me think about if there wasn’t complete order.

So I added another word to my brainstorm; making “Some Logic” the two words I was going to use to generate an idea. This still meant that there was a degree of order but perhaps not enough for there to be perfection.

So I did another brainstorm.

Idea Gen 2 - bold

This time I came up with the name I wanted to use for my brand.

I chose the word “Anomaly”

An Anomaly is special because it is something that shouldn’t be there but stands out and even when minor can cause chaos and disorder and both of these things can be beautiful.

As a brand name it represents a company that are creating or causing beauty among the bland and repetitive. Which to me seems like a good ethos for a brand to work by.

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