Colour Schemes

I’m a big fan of colour.

The right use of colour can mean the difference between something looking great or amateur. So whenever I design anything I always make sure that I use a strong colour scheme throughout. Adobe colour is an excellent resource, providing a huge library of user submitted colour schemes as well as the right tools to create your own using the colour wheel or picking colours from an image.

I threw a couple of my own images into their colour scheme creator to see what result I would get, I tried to pick images that had an interesting range of colour.

P1010515This Image is great as it has a lot of colour going on.

The image created this colour scheme which is a nice range of varied complementary colour.


I wanted to keep the colour scheme for my branding quite simple.

I didn’t want things to look over the top. I thought that using a colour scheme that was close to black and white would look dignified enough for a brand and logo, so I had a play with the Adobe’s colour wheel to see what I could come up with.

Purple NurplesI came out with a muted purple colour scheme which had some complementary green/greys.

I planned on using two tones of purple mostly. Light and dark.


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