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Branding and Identity – CV Design

A CV has to grab an employers attention. How a CV is formatted can make all the difference, you don’t want a CV to be too complicated either as employers may only take a few minutes to skim over it, so it’s important to be concise when writing a CV. Try to let an employer know as much about you as possible without writing an complete essay on yourself. Focus on highlighting key skills you want an employer to know about, these can be tailored depending on the job role you are going for.

When applying for job roles in the creative industry it’s a must that a CV be outstanding as it says a lot about the person who put it together if they have spent that little extra time on the design of their CV.

I wanted my CV to showcase my key qualities while staying simple and in a readable format. During research I found some interesting examples that varied from being subtle and well formatted to unique and attention grabbing.

resume researchCv inspiration 2 cv research 3

This gave me lots of inspiration for my own design.

I wanted to keep things relatively simple and go for a clean looking, functional CV.

I drafted a few quick sketches of ideas.

[insert photo]

I took these rough drafts and developed the concept further in Illustrator.


The focus with the design was to keep everything to one page that quickly highlighted key points. I used a simplistic and evenly spaced type as I didn’t feel the need for the CV to appear gimmicky. I tried to split the CV into three main bodies of text; a brief introduction and my contact info, an overview of my skills and characteristics and lastly some more personal information about me. Using a colour scheme on heavy and light bodies of type for easier legibility.

Overall I was really happy with the end result, it said everything I wanted it to say while staying straight forward and without gimmicks!


Business Card Design

A business card doesn’t need to be over the top.

I found loads of great examples of creative business cards during my research. The majority of the examples I found kept their designs simple.

It’s important to make sure that the business card has a range of contact information on as potential employers/clients may have a preferred method of contact.

I wanted the business card to have the same functional simplistic design as my CV; no gimmicks just the information needed.

I produced some designs for the front and back in Illustrator.

The back of the business card has my contact information on, the logo is bold and at the front as I wanted it to be the first thing that people saw, feeling that this would help my card stand out among others which bombard with information.

Branding and Identity – Web Page Layout

I wanted to develop a creative design template for the brand’s web site.

I had an interesting idea of what I wanted to do.

Website Concept

I figured that this was a unique and interesting way of representing the brands fun and creative outlook.

Finding the balance between being overly distracting and plain minimal was something that I felt was important in a webpage.

I tried to land somewhere in the middle of both worlds, having a creative looking page that still valued content over a gimmicky aesthetic.


Branding and Identity – Final Logo Concept

After receiving feedback on a range of logo’s, I had a strong idea of what worked well and what didn’t when it came to shapes, styles and fonts etc.

So with this in mind I took a few of the stronger concepts and developed them further, refining them in illustrator.

logo 6 vector

This design was all about using simple shapes to create a flat logo in a similar style to Apple’s. I wanted the design to line up neatly but this meant that the overall shape began to look less and less how a blimp should. I thought that the jagged edges made the logo look a little too squared and there were problems getting the shape I wanted.

text small

I was much happier with this iteration, the letters are spaced nice and evenly and are clearly visible. The overall shape has a much nicer roundness too it. The logo’s text was made by cutting the shapes out of the blimp so this logo will have a nice look when overlaid on film or images.

text small vector

Branding and Identity Development

When it comes to branding it is important to remember some fundamental points.

A brand is a companies identity, the brand may be the first thing that a person uses to determine whether they are going to contact you, so it’s important for a brand to stand out. A brand’s name has to be memorable too as this is how clients will refer others to a company, a strong brand name can be the difference between having clients and having non. There are some great examples of classic brand names such as Nike, Apple and Coke that have strong characteristics which help set them apart from competition. I wanted my brand name to embody the same simplicity and memorability as these major brands.

During the idea generation process the word Blimp came to mind. Immediately I liked the sound of it, it’s simplicity and overall sound matched the ethos I wanted my brand to represent; a company that focused on creativity and thinking outside the box.

With this in mind I began working on some rough drafts of a logo. Again simplicity was an important factor during the design process.

The logo ought to represent the brand name so I started to sketch ideas that used the Blimp shape.

The focus here was to use the Blimp shape like a stamp with the lettering evenly spaced inside it, using bold text that could be easily visible at any distance or size.

draft final 2I chose to expand on this concept further.

I dropped it into illustrator and used the pen tool to trace around the drawing. I ended up with a cleaner looking design that was in vector format and could be re-scaled to any size.

Logo FinalLogo Final