Dora Styled Character – Idea Generation


Before starting any concept work I put together a mind map of ideas. I jotted down any points I felt were necessary for creating an interesting character.

These were some of the points I felt had the most value:

  • Is this character grounded in reality? (Is proper anatomy reference used?)
  • What is this characters race? (Is this a human or inhuman character and how does that affect it’s appearance?)
  • What does the character do? (Do they have an interesting job or backstory?)
  • Is this character a friend or a foe? 
  • Who does this character appeal to? (children, adults, both?)

All of these things have an impact on the appearance of the character and I will be keeping them in mind during the creation process. By doing this I am reminding myself to critique my work and gradually develop an interesting character.


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