Digital Sculpture – Development

I wanted to come away from this project having learned more about Zbrush and generally improving my sculpting skills. Studying the human figure felt like a good way to quickly improve these skills.

From just comparing the various iterations I sculpted of the figure I can see a general improvement from start to finish.

This is the sculpt after the first initial attempt, at the time I was quite happy with this, looking back I can see there is so much wrong with it… But hey we all have to start somewhere!

This was it a few weeks further along. Starting to look a little more human, however there were still issues with the legs which gave the figure an odd looking stance.

Okay, now I was starting to get the hang of it. This one looked so much better and I had fixed some odd proportions and moved the legs around to make his stance more natural. I used reference to model the head and face.

Here’s the sculpt in it’s final pose. This sculpt really captures the gesture and movement of the pose.


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